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What population do you serve ?

Harbourview Training Center Inc. Provides services to adults who have an intellectual disability as their primary diagnosis.

Are there any age restrictions ?

Client assist base rather then age. Therefore services are modified to address requests Are there prerequisite skill in order to participate in your program or services ? Programs and services can be developed and modified for each individual to best suit their specific needs.

What level of independence is required for the consumers who participate in your program ?

Acceptance is not determined by a person's independence, or lack there of; as our programs and services are designed to enhance the level of independence already achieved, as well as assisting in developing new skills.

Do you serve people with multiple challenges ?

Physical Limitations, wheel chair, vision or hearing impaired) Harbourview Training Center Inc. serve not only those who have an intellectual disability but also those who may have intellectual disability with other challenged including physical.

Can people with challenging behaviors be served in your program ?

We are open to those individuals with challenging behaviors. Although safety for other clients and staff is our priority, a decision would be based on as assessment and as evaluation to determine whether or not our services are suitable for that individual

What is the ratio of staff to consumers ?

Our staff to client ratios vary from program to program and are dependent on the ability as well as the type or program chosen by the individual. What type of training does your staff receive regarding people with spacial needs ? Qualifications of staff working with clientele range from certified completion of Human Services Program, or equivalent education and experience.

Is there a cost to families ? How do they apply ?

The cost of services is determined by the individuals program, of which staff to clientele ratios as well as number of hours requested are also contributing factors. Once a family or care giver has met with the Disability Support Worker, if that is the path they choose they will be issued a DSP worker. Upon acceptance contact Judy Hennessey at (902) 687-3032 an we will assist the client in the transition to our organization.


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